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 Why is Vinyl Underlayment Needed?

Vinyl underlayment is an optional add on to click lock vinyls that are 4mm or thicker. Vinyl floors that are glue down or loose lay will not need a vinyl underlayment, as these floors will be installed directly over the subfloor.

A vinyl flooring underlayment will not be as thick as a laminate or hardwood underlayment. Since vinyl planks are generally thinner than a laminate, the underlayment is also thinner. If too much cushion is beneath the vinyl planks, the locking system and joint integrity will be compromised. Most vinyl underlayments are 1mm to 1.5mm thick.

When dealing with a click lock vinyl of 4mm or thicker, an underlayment has several benefits:
It can help smooth over minor subfloor imperfections.
It will add extra cushion to the floor, creating a softer feel under foot.
It can help with sound absorption.It can help lock in thermal properties to help keep the floor warmer in cold months.
It will prevent moisture from being trapped beneath the planks.

Vinyl Floor must to use high density 1.5mm zero slip underpad.
It is recommended to install the vinyl spc floor on a level ground. If the ground height difference is +/- 0.4mm, the Vinyl click lock system will break after installation.

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